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At St. Mary’s Pre-School, we believe in learning through play – and these are not just glib words. Our work centres around playing. This might be individual play, group play, adult-initiated, child-initiated, messy or quiet, but it is always recognised for what it is: the business of exploring the world on the child’s own terms. This vital aspect of early education is increasingly recognised throughout the UK as the rock upon which successful later learning stands.


We take great pleasure in giving children as wide a range of play opportunities as possible. We encourage children to build on their natural curiosity and, as a team, we carefully identify each child’s needs, interests, style of learning and developing skills.


Christian worship is an integral part of our ethos and we encourage children to learn about Christianity in a variety of ways, from exploring Bible stories with puppets to taking part in Harvest Festival and other celebrations throughout the year. We also give children the opportunity to learn about other faiths and cultures – for example by making Diwali lamps or finding out about traditional Chinese New Year celebrations.

Our Ethos

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