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Preparing for pre-school

Top tips

  • Everything should be labelled.

  • If your child has any allergies, dietary requirements or medical conditions make sure we are aware and have the corresponding paperwork and medication, which is in date, to keep at the nursery.

  • ​Children should not be sent in wearing makeup.

Snacks and lunch boxes

  • A water bottle should always be provided

  • Snacks and lunches should be healthy including some fruit or vegetables.

  • If snacks or lunches are hot they should be in a thermal container to ensure the food stays warm.

  • If snacks or lunches are cold a cold pack should be provided to ensure they stay cold.

Examples of model snacks and lunches

What should be included in bags

  • A couple of spare changes of clothes incase the children have an accident or get their current clothes wet, this includes pants.

  • ​If your child has not been potty trained please provide at least two nappies, not pull ups, and wipes.

Clothes and shoes that should be worn

  • No crocs or flip flops

Examples of clothes and shoes recommended to wear
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